Jared R Davis

While my previous attempt at introducing myself had it’s merits, time has passed, things have changed and you may very well be the first to read this new and updated introduction… ( I must redact the last statement, as I have read it several times while re-writing it…I do hope a close second will suffice).

Currently working full-time under the creative mentorship of Mark Orton, I am a graphic designer with experience in print, identity, advertising, interactive, environmental and motion design. I have been a key player in the conceptual, visual and production phases of many projects. I have a knack for finding unique solutions to information architecture problems. I’m good with words (I’m not the only one who thinks so). Though a majority of my work is finalized in a conservative style, my visual taste is wide and varied. I love design that influences change.

From a technical standpoint, I consider myself highly experienced in the use of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign while I have dabbled in After Effects, HTML/CSS, Flash and WordPress (still dabbling in WordPress). I enjoy motion, but still need some development time there. I am best suited to visuals and ideas, but will adapt my skill set to any need.

My wife Emily (a highly skilled and available illustrator) and I find ourselves recent transplants to the Seattle metropolitan area and are enjoying summer, now that it is finally here. I enjoy movies, theatre, dancing, painting, the great outdoors and a good round of halo, mw2 or assassin’s creed. I enjoy people and look forward to talking to you soon.