Romance & Theatre

Artificium is a theatre troupe with a permanent venue and a dedicated following. Seeking to reach fresh audiences, Artificium offers low cost access to the world of theatre without exhorbitant broadway costs, while still existing in the same locale. Also vitally important to our magic and mystery is the continued anonynimity of our players. Firmly committed to the grand traditions of the theatre, Artificium will surely leave the harshest critic reeling with glee.

Somewhere Between Vaudeville & Shakespeare

Key to the success of the Troupe was branding that communicated the correct undertones. In the logotype, the influences of traditional European Blackletter and hand-drawn Monster Type of the early 20th century provide a perfect balance between classic and crazy. An earthy palette provides a taste of the archaic, while the saturation levels prevent them from feeling archival.

A Season with Sondheim – Farce & Gravitas

Included in the project was branded advertising for A Season with Sondheim. As one of the most prolific musical songwriters of our generation, the eccentric Stephen Sondheim presented a perfect opportunity to showcase the breadth and depth of musical theatre. Definitively a few steps away from ordinary, Artificium has chosen a handful of his works descending from the ridiculous to the disturbing.

Motion & Collateral Coordintation

Communication happens at every level of interaction and contact. It was with this in mind that everything from official stationary to video advertisements combined to send a single message – that the magic and mystery of the theatre are here to stay.

A simple, but symbolic interaction was included in one of the smallest caches of communication… the business card. Each card evangelized theatre attendance and participation by incorporating a tear-away stub admitting the recipient, or a friend, to any Artificium production for free.

My Contribution to Artificium

Excepting Sondheim’s referenced productions, I created all concepts, illustrations, brand design & collateral, motion design and display methods as a personal project.

  • Concept
  • Art Direction
  • Production Design
  • Motion Design
  • Identity Collateral
  • Prototyping