Wizards Community

Keeping it in the Family

When deciding what small changes could serve our users the best during a short-order platform update, it was clear that the previous approach focusing on tools over easy access to cross-brand content was not ideal. To further channel user’s passion for their games, we suggested a shift from feature-centricity to brand-centricity.

Drupal drop

For Future Generations

On top of these structural updates, the Community site gained a few critical features that will serve users for years to come: Extensibility & Iterative Enhancements. With the update to a Drupal platform comes the ability to affect change more quickly, and to expand features at a more rapid pace than would have been possible before. With this new site, frameworks were set in place that will help provide a future full of cost-effective feature enhancements and improvements.

My Contribution to the Wizards Community

I reviewed vendor progress and created wireframes as often as needed to help bridge the gap between the new platform’s capability and previous functionality. Consulted as issues and features were triaged.

  • Conceptualization (Core Navigation & New User Optimization)
  • Provisional Wireframing (Minimal, as needed Appnovation)
  • UX Oversight (Vendor Direction with Appnovation)