Wizards Play Network

The Network

The Wizards Play Network was created to be the premier support resource for retailers building great gaming experiences in their local game stores. While it found success in satisfying some short-term adoption and communication initiatives, there was still much room for improvement.

Let’s Play Together

Where previous implementations had focused on establishing connections for information distribution, the new WPN tightly revolves around facilitating easy access to event information and registration. All actions are in placed in context of their ability to enable successful, engaging and inspiring events.

A Match Made in the Multiverse

When browsing events, store owners are reminded of the products that support running the selected event. When browsing products, owners receive guidance on which events the chosen product supports. Retailers are thus never left in the dark, with relevant information always supplied in the correct amount, in the correct sequence and in the correct context.

Looks Like You’ve Been Here Before

To further drive home the importance of Events, the WPN nearly employs an “all roads lead to *events*” mentality. Events now occupies prime real estate in the navigation, in the feature carousels and in all network communications. Even “Grow Your Store” focuses on providing simple direction that will make stores’ events more successful and memorable. Non-event tasks are few, but are also clearly marked for easy access.

What’s Done is Done

They end. All things come to an end. Previously the WPN tucked away an ever-growing archive of support documents in the event that someone *might* need them. It became clear that this was not really true. Most documentation became irrelevant as soon as it’s products stopped selling, or it’s events transpired. In the spirit of this realization, it was decided that all documents could also expire, clearing the path of irrelevant information, and expediting retailers’ access to crucial and timely documentation.

My Contribution to the Wizards Play Network

I provided key UX insight in two different exploration phases over several months, and provided visual and ux delivery oversight as we moved into the last two phases with our partners at Blitz Agency.

  • Conceptualization (Pre-Vendor Exploration, Foundation)
  • UX Oversight (Functionality Review with Blitz)
  • UI/Visual Oversight (Art Review/Direction with Blitz)